Prana Health-Yoga and Training
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Prana offers activities related towards Health and Wellness. We designed the Island Guest Program to rejuvenate and activate people towards a higher quality of living, well being and art of living. Our program is designed and supported by the Prana team; A group of Yoga teachers, Specialists and Therapists who choose to work together and align specialism, knowledge and experience. In this way they are able to work complementary to serve groups, families and individuals through a diverse program that suits the inner call of Balance and Well Being. 

Yoga Journey 

This is a 3 hour journey with 4x4 Jeep through the center of the island to beautiful locations on the North Side shore and quit beaches of Aruba. By choosing a different venue than the one we are used to for practicing yoga, we get to explore our connection with nature more deeply. During the Yoga Journey a well-trained teacher will guide you through different landscapes, gentle asana practice and meditation to connect with the Present Time. You will get the chance to experience the special energy of the island without any effort. A unique opportunity to re-connect with nature and your inner well-being. Take your camera and sunblock with you!! We will take care off some fresh fruits and refreshing drinks; and we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Min.6 persons, 8.30-11.30 am

Healthy lunch is optional at the traditional Old Cunucu Restaurant at the end of the Journey.

You can also book a private yoga journey with your own group.

 Mindfullness and Yoga on the beach

During this one hour session you will be offered tools and insights to balance body, mind & soul. Breathing techniques and some gentle stretches are part of the session, as well as a short mindfull sunset beach walk at one of Aruba's most quiet beaches. Our well trained yoga teachers guide you during this one hour session with experience from different Yogastyles like Hatha yoga,Vinyasa flow, Dru Yoga, Quantum Yoga and Egyptian or Japanese yoga. You will be invited to go on an inner journey into the present time, connecting with the beautiful view of the deep blue sea, the wind, the waves, your breathing, your life force and your inner unity. 

This unique experience is open and suitable for every body, shape and age. 

Just bring your own towel and some water and be present at 5.15 on Eagle beach opposite the La Quinta. 

Costs are $15 for visitors, $10 for locals.

Private Yoga Classes

We  also offer private yoga classes. Whether you want to deepen your practice  or have a yoga class at  your chosen location our well trained teachers can accommodate your wishes. If you want to book a private class please contact us and together we will design your private yoga lesson.