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beach tennis aruba
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NOVEMBER 12-19, 2017

Known as the birthplace of beach tennis, Aruba beckons world-renown pros and amateurs alike to explore this competitive yet recreational sport. Beach Tennis is the beach sport in Aruba and easy to play.

Aruba Beach Tennis is similar to traditional tennis with a bit of beach volleyball and badminton, two players on each team volley a depressurized tennis ball back and forth over the net without letting it hit the sand. Players can reserve a court and paddle at Beach Tennis Aruba behind MooMba Beach Bar in Palm Beach, or at the Aruba Beach Tennis Clubhouse at Tropicana Resort located in Eagle Beach.Take it a step further by signing up for lessons with a local pro and become a master at this popular beach sport in Aruba.

National and international championship tournaments take place in Aruba in June and November respectively. Especially the International Beach Tennis Tournament in Aruba attracts hundreds of participants from all over the world and is highly entertaining for its thousands of spectators. Don't miss it and become a fan of this popular sport in Aruba as well!