Price Range:
Camacuri #10
12° 30' 20.07" N, 70° 1' 11.5464" W
Phone: +297-582-8600

We offer quality vehicles, courteous and friendly service at very reasonable rates, with locations at the Princess Beatrix Airport,(less than five minutes from the airport by cab) and Tango Booths (Opposite the entrance to the occidental Grand Hotel).

We are always ready to fill your car rental needs.

We offer a wide range of vehicles: Economy, Compacts, Intermediates, Intermediate Size SUV, 4WD Vehicle and Mini Vans with Automatic Transmission and Air-Conditioning. We try to make renting a vehicle as hassle-free as possible.

Whatever your car rental needs, we will do our best to make getting around Aruba as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!!