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Playa Linda Beach Resort
J.E. Irausquin Blvd. #87
Palm Beach
12° 34' 24.258" N, 70° 2' 40.9632" W

This breezy terrace restaurant overlooking the excitement of the high-rise strip is a delightful spot to enjoy the ultimate variety of hamburgers including, prime steak, turkey, chicken, salmon and vegetarian burgers. Choose toppings such as grilled pineapple, cheese and bacon. Served on different breads with a variety of side orders, complemented by a selection of draft beers and frozen drinks, this is a very special burger experience! Other family-friendly selections include honey-BBQ chicken wings, grouper fillet sandwich, chicken Caesar salad and hot dogs. The grill is fired up at 11 am and stays lit until 10 pm.