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Custo Barcelona
Renaissance Mall
12° 31' 8.3532" N, 70° 2' 17.5452" W

The colorful and world famous Custo Barcelona store in Aruba is an eye catcher when entering the Renaissance Mall. Walking towards Starbucks and the small water taxi stand for Aruba’s unique Renaissance Island you simply can’t resist the bright colored fashion of Custo Barcelona.

The Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, created Custo Barcelona in the early 80’s after a long trip during which they traveled all around the world. Their journey allowed them to discover not only new landscapes but the most varied of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions. Later on, all kinds of new garments were introduced to complement Custo Barcelona’s trademark printed tops, like skirts, trousers and coats, thus giving rise to complete collections. Nowadays it could be said that Custo Barcelona is a style in itself; one that, to a certain extent, embodies a specific lifestyle. The Custo Barcelona shop in Aruba is not to be missed!