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El Faro Blanco
California Lighthouse
12° 36' 48.8268" N, 70° 3' 7.6212" W
Phone: +297-586-0786

Faro Blanco Restaurant is situated right next to the famous California Lighthouse on the hill of Hudishibana … A perfect location.

The tower of this magnificent masterpiece is made of stone blocks that were hewn right here and is 100 feet high. The metal top of the lighthouse, which contains the light that sets a romantic setting, is 25 feet in diameter. Although standing on a hill called Hudishibana, the lighthouse is called the California Lighthouse.

This point of the island, called California, is named after a vessel that shipwrecked at the coast near the Aruba’s northernmost point. The ship “California” was traveling from Liverpool to Central America with passengers, merchandise, provisions, clothes and furniture. Ironically, when the ship hit the coast, at midnight sharp, the passengers were partying on board. It was not until daybreak that the inhabitants of Aruba saw and understood what had happened. The crew of the California had thrown much of their cargo overboard when the boat hit the coast. This meant that everybody was able to save the merchandise out of the water and take it to Oranjestad to sell.

The Aruban style house, now the Faro Blanco Restaurant, use to be the dwelling of the lighthouse keeper. The first lighthouse keeper was a young man from Curacao called Mr. Jacob Jacobs. He learned the profession of a lighthouse keeper at a lighthouse of the island of Klein Curacao. The last person to watch over the California lighthouse was Mr. Federico Fingal from Aruba.

The famous Faro Blanco Restaurant, open daily from 9.00 AM until 11 PM, looks forward to tell you “Benvenuti” to one of the most popular locations to take breathtaking pictures, enjoy an amazing flow of energy, delight yourself with the BEST food of Italy in Aruba surrounded by the BEST nature, cluture and history has to offer.