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    Aruba is proud of it’s pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, it’s National Park comprising twenty percent of the island, housing many rare species of birds, plants and wildlife in a unique desert terrain. Environmental organizations do their utmost to keep Aruba clean and beautiful by educating the local community as well as island visitors and setting the right example. Green and ecological initiatives include beach clean ups, reef care programs protecting corals and underwater ocean clean ups. Aruba animal protection programs and sanctuaries are in place for birds, donkeys and turtles.  

    The Aruba Hotel Association supports sustainable programs and Aruba environmental events by organizing clean-ups and an annual recycled art competition. Many of the island’s hotels implemented environmental-friendly standards in their operations and stress to keep water and electricity usage low.

    Latest addition to Aruba’s environmental events and celebrations is a local Farmer’s Market, promoting sustainable food production on the island and offering healthy and nutritious options.

    A monthly Farmer’s Market takes place on the first Sunday of every month at Santa Rosa in Piedra Plat, just off the main road to Santa Cruz.

    Volunteerism is the fastest growing segment of the global travel industry according to The World Bank. Aruba wants to offer visitors the opportunity to vacation with a purpose and make the island where happiness lives even a little happier offering plenty volunteer options designed for diverse visitors, from the eco-minded to animal-enthusiasts. Feel free to join ecotourism and voluntourism initiatives in Aruba.

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