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    Aruba offers a full calendar of events, national holiday celebrations and is home to some of the best Caribbean festivals. Carnival in Aruba is by far the biggest event of the year, featuring many parades, elections and festivals. Over the years Aruba has also proven to be a magnet in the Caribbean, attracting visitors to it’s famous music festivals, such as the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, the Aruba Summer Music Festival and the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. Moreover Aruba attracts sports fans and athletes from all over the world for big sporting events on the island such as Hi-Winds Aruba, the windsurfing event in the Caribbean and the International Beach Tennis Tournament. Also making it’s mark on the calendar of events is Aruba in Style, the island’s own Fashion Week.

    You are cordially invited to take part in any of these festivals and events in Aruba - let them enrich your vacation experience!

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