Aruba is a haven for deep-sea fishing with about 18 sport fishing charter companies offering adrenaline-rushing half-day and full-day excursions on sports yachts.  They troll the waters five to seven miles offshore for game fish such as mahi mahi, bonito, dorado, amberjack, black and yellow fin tuna, barracuda, sailfish, kingfish, blue marlin, and shark.  Bottom fishing is done in shallower water (100-300 feet deep) with the engine stopped, drifting over spots known to have concentrations of fish such as snapper, grouper, triggerfish and squirrelfish.  

Today, there remain about 120 full-time active fishermen on Aruba.  Fundacion Centro di Pesca Hadicurari, a gathering place for fishermen and their families, is also dedicated to preserving Aruba’s fishing tradition, trying to balance it with modern methods.  Located north of the Holiday Inn, there is a new pier and a new structure.  Visit Hadicurari and meet the fishermen. Try going out fishing with them and share a beer and good times and listen to their tales of “the one that got away”.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters: