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Playa Linda Beach resort
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 87
Palm Beach
12° 34' 24.4128" N, 70° 2' 41.6868" W

Garden Fresh Café is a healthy and fresh hotspot that offers only quality organic products to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Nowadays, our body needs the daily-required amount of vitamin, minerals and proteins in order to maintain a healthy mind and fit physical body. Our body endorses physical and mental stress, to maintain a sharp focus and to prevent feeling fatigue, your body needs the essential fuel and balance. Here’s where Garden Fresh Café comes into play.

We provide you with the essential products to jump start your day, help you balance your life, fulfill your daily appetite and help improve your wellbeing towards a healthier you “ mind and body and soul”.

Try our Signature Salads, Wraps, Panini, Burritos, Juices, and Smoothies or simply create your own, and even add your personal booster and so much more.

Why only eat healthy today, if you have the choice to be better everyday. Garden Fresh Café is your answer to a better wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. Your body is your temple so keep it pure.

Eat * Pure