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Gasparito Restaurant
Gasparito 3
12° 33' 44.0244" N, 70° 2' 25.5948" W

A star among Aruba's finest restaurants, Gasparito Restaurant and Art Gallery is renowned for authentic Aruban dishes, historic Aruban architecture and inspiring Aruban art. Gasparito's creative cuisine, including seafood and international specialties, has been honored with several prestigious international awards. The team of chefs holds many awards including a total of seven gold, silver and bronze medals for outstanding performance during the Aruba Culinary and Caribbean Culinary Competitions.

Gasparito is the name of the area where we are located and the name of our Restaurant-Art Gallery. In the past, areas and properties were named after the families who owned the land. Our ancestors were Arawak Indians and Europeans, therefore the areas on the island have distinct Indian and European names.

At the entrance of Gasparito you can see the well that provided this area of North with water in the past. This well was dug by hand; quite remarkable if you know that the land here is extremely rocky and difficult to penetrate. It is our aim to give you an idea of what we have to offer in Aruba in terms of our food, culture and our art. We have an ongoing exposition of local art on display and we can provide you with background infromation on our local artists. Many of the paintings are for sale too; just ask us for prices. In Aruba we love to open our homes to all our friends for some good food and drinks, and above all, a wonderful evening spent together.

Enjoy our hospitality; sit back and experience an excellent dinner in anintimate and romantic atmosphere. In Aruba we are in no rush to go home...Relax and enjoy. Gasparito is also available for groups, either for dinner or for luncheons.