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Aruba Certified
Green Bike Aruba
Ponton 69-2
12° 31' 38.946" N, 70° 2' 34.1376" W

Green Bike is the Eco-friendly transportation of Aruba, it is the new way to get around Aruba. You can be your own tour guide, free and independent. Green Bike offers bike passes by hour or a monthly or annual membership for tourist and visitors who want to commute and want to use Green Bike as a transportation. You can visit the main attractions, beaches, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and more!

Monthly or Annual Membership have unlimited rides of 45 minutes. If a renter choose to keep the bike past the rental session, $5 will be charged for each additional 30-minute period. The rental expires once the bike is returned. 

When you buy a membership you receive a card that you insert in the docking point where the bike you wish to release is locked. To release a bike, wait for the green light, lift by seat and pull out. Buy memberships online: and the bike pass at the kiosk. 

 Click here to download flyer.

Green Bike has 8 locations and 100 bikes that makes it easy and convenient to use. You can explore aruba, visit the most beautiful beaches in the world, go to your favorites restaurants,  main attractions, shopping malls, supermarkets, and more. 

Green Bike has 8 stations: 

  •    Cruise Terminal
  •    Downtown -Plaza Daniel Leo 
  •    Plaza Turismo
  •    Costa Linda Resort
  •    La Cabana Beach Resort 
  •    South Beach (Palm Beach)
  •    Holiday Inn
  •    Marriott Hotel