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hiking in aruba
Arikok National Park
12° 29' 25.674" N, 69° 55' 30.99" W

Hiking is an excellent way to explore Aruba's wonderful nature and rugged landscape. Hiking in Aruba also means that you have to be well prepared, especially for hikes that will take longer than one hour and take place during the daytime. Make sure to protect yourself from the sun, bring a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, sturdy shoes and plenty of water. The best time of day for hiking in Aruba is early morning, at sunrise. Especially beach walks or hikes alongside the North Coast are also spectacular during sunset.

The best area to go hiking in Aruba is inside the National Park Arikok. At Arikok National Park, a natural preserve that covers one-fifth of the island, there are 29 rugged miles of rocky trails for hiking in Aruba with three different hiking levels. Maps with clearly marked hiking trails inside the park are available at the Visitor Center at the main entrance of the Arikok National Park in San Fuego (St Cruz). 

The most difficult, a five-hour hike through jagged, rocky terrain, passes through desert brush and cacti, and unique and fascinating wildlife. It includes a visit to the old Aruban Adobe house, bird watching and cave explorations of indigenous Indian paintings. Offering a birds-eye view at 620 feet, hikers discover sheer serenity atop Jamanota, the island’s highest elevation. For a unique island experience, a full moon hike with a naturalist can be arranged.

Hiking tours under guidance of a park ranger are highly recommended. Guided tours are free of charge (besides the regular entrance fee of the National Park) and arrangements need to be made in advance. Please call Arikok National Park for reservations, at least one day in advance. Tel +297 5851234.