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Island Cabana SUP Aruba
Fishermen's Huts
Palm Beach
12° 35' 2.832" N, 70° 2' 43.2852" W

SUP rentals and lessons and yoga! On vacation with the family? Want to spend the afternoon with your friends? This 60-minute Stand Up Paddleboarding class will have you all stand up paddling by the end of the session. No matter what your experience or level of fitness, all entry level techniques will be taught by our enthusiastic instructor!

Kayaking will be even more fun with these transparent kayaks! Your kayaking sessions will never be the same after we introduce you to these absolutely stunning clear kayaks from The Crystal Kayak Company. The kayaks are totally transparent which means that when you take it out on the water, you can enjoy more views than just the ocean’s surface, you can also see underwater, or underneath your kayak to be more specific.