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South Beach Center
Palm Beach 55
12° 34' 7.7952" N, 70° 2' 39.7536" W

For fresh and flavorful Asian cuisine served in elegant décor featuring dark woods, regal seating, and rich fabrics, visit newly opened J. H. Yee’s, located on the second level of South Beach Centre. Three-course Early Bird specials are served from 6 pm – 7 pm, including choice of Singapore rice noodles, General Tao’s chicken, classic pepper steak, Mongolian sizzling beef, Bangkok orange shrimp, and Tahiti pineapple chicken.

Lunch specials are served from 12 pm – 3 pm, including choice of vegetable lo mein, chicken with broccoli, BBQ roast pork, South Sea Supreme. The sumptuous a la carte menu is nothing short of an impressive culinary tour of Asia featring Hanoi kung po chicken, Hong Kong pan-fried noodles, Mu shu chicken, Szechwan beef, Scallop Fujiyama, Jakarta sizzling shrimp, Manila volcano fish fillet, Cantonese orange beef, Peking duck, Waikiki sunset pork, Shanghai beef broccoli, Saigon fried rice, Buddha’s feast and Sapporo veggie tempura, Beijing pork dumplings. Enjoy your favorites as well as new and exotic dishes complemented by impeccable service.