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In 1989, the family began a journey that would take them from India to the Caribbean and into the hearts of many wonderful people. Kay’s Fine Jewelry was born as a family endeavor and, today, with locations throughout the 5 Caribbean islands, it remains a family owned and operated business with deep values in customer service and customer loyalty.

Founded in St. Maarten on the dreams of Dan and Raj Chugani, from day one Kay’s Fine was destined to be different. The brothers were relentless in their pursuit, putting in endless hours perfecting their expertise of fine jewelry, its design, and its manufacturing. They also began shaping the uniquely personal and family-oriented service philosophy that still distinguishes Kay’s Fine Jewelry to this day.

Customers Are Extended Family

At Kay’s Fine, they adhere to the belief that truly meaningful customer service is as precious as any stone. They understand that people come to them seeking more than a piece of jewelry. They come to celebrate moments, commemorate milestones, remember loved ones, and build their own family legacies to pass down.

In essence, they come to this family store looking to celebrate their own. Kay’s takes this to heart. They feel privileged to share in these moments and with that comes a deep responsibility to do everything in their power to make them perfect.

Founder’s son Tesh Chugani expresses that “Each item purchased at KFJ, irrespective of dollar value, is celebrated and is a story. A Story about when, why, and who you were with”

If it’s not on display, they will find it for you. Better yet, let them craft a one-of-a-kind showpiece around your discerning desires. There’s a reason families return to Kay’s year after year. There’s a reason they know so many of their customers by name, remember their Birthday, and even recall the first time they stopped in.

Kay’s Fine Jewelry was built on familial relationships, and building a Retail Story that goes far beyond the sale and the Jewelry Item Purchased.

“Luxury with a Family Touch”

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