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    A perfect way to explore Aruba’s culture and history is by visiting the island’s museums. For instance the Archaeological Museum in the heart of downtown Oranjestad, located inside a beautifully restored townhouse. This museum preserves Aruba’s Amerindian heritage between 2500 BC and 1880 AD. A vast collection of Indian artifacts and interactive educational technology are some of the museum’s features.

    The Aloe Factory and Museum, located in Hato is also worth a visit. The museum presents the history of the aloe plant since it arrived in 1840 on Aruba, and tells the story how Aruba Aloe Balm became the world’s leading producer and exporter of aloe. Tours of the Aloe factory in Aruba and the 120-year old aloe plantation, as well as a visit to the gift shop complete the experience.

    Yet another museum can be found in downtown Oranjestad’s Fort Zoutman, with it’s recognizable Willem III Tower-entrance. This 1798 landmark houses the Historical Museum which highlights the history and development of Aruba up to the 1920s.

    A similar, yet smaller museum can be found in downtown San Nicolas, Aruba’s second largest city. This museum showcases the daily life of Arubans living in this part of the island in the early start of the twentieth century, as the Lago Oil Refinery brought many workers to San Nicolas.

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