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Madagascar Aruba Adventures
Caya Seida#9
12° 32' 45.1572" N, 70° 0' 2.2212" W

Fun & Safe 4x4 Mercedes Benz all terrain Unimog.

The Natural + Baby Beach Adventure!

Explore, Swim & Snorkle at the 2 most spectacular and talked about gems of Aruba: The Natural Pool + Baby Beach in the only affordable 1/2 day tour! Only available here! This adventure will cruise you through the Arikok National Park, as you “shake, bake and marinate” through the beautiful scenery of Aruba’s North Coast sight to the Windmill Park. Swim & Snorkle at the original “Conchi” Natural Pool, followed by the ancient Quadirikiri Caves where you will receive a guided cave tour! Finish off at the famous Baby Beach where you can swim, snorkle, relax, or treat yourself a bite at any of the local beach food places.

Or Explore, Swim & Snorkle at the original “Conchi” Natural Pool! This affordable 1/2 day tour will also pass by the ancient Ayo Rock Formation and Andicuri Beach. While contemplating Aruba’s North Coast scenery, we’ll explore the Twin Bridges, mysterious Black Stone Beach, and ruins of Bushiribana Gold Mill, where you can treat yourself a bite at the local food truck.

If you want to go on a private tour, then explore, swim & snorkle with family & friends as long as you want, at great places like: “Conchi” Natural Pool, Baby Beach, Arikok National Park, Aruba’s Noth Coast, Windmill Park, Quadirikiri Cave, California Light House, Gold MillRuins, Natural Bridge, Wish Garden, Shark’s Mouth, Alto Vista Chapel, Moro Beach, Ostrich Farm, Baby Bridge, “Boca” Natural Pool, Black Stone Beach, Twin Bridges, Breathing Rocks, and more.

Operating hours: 8am - 10pm