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Noord 128
12° 34' 5.7576" N, 70° 2' 55.7988" W

Mi Dushi has been sailing in Aruba for more than 20 years. Recently renewed its offering and it is thrilled to present the new Mi Dushi. The new vessel is 53ft long with three level deck. For its design offers comfortable and spacious areas for walking and large outdoors areas to relax and enjoy sailing under the glorious Aruban sun. It has shaded areas and seating spaces to avoid standing still. It provides an easy swimming platform to step into the water for snorkeling.

Tours include: music, open bar, snorkeling gear, sanitized mouth pieces, snorkeling instructions on board and guidance in the water while you enjoy feeding the fishes and taking pictures of a memorable day in paradise. Join us for one of our morning tour, sunset cruise or afternoon trips. You will swim, snorkel, dance and laugh. Get prepared! We will make Mi Dushi the highlight of your visit to Aruba.