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There are many monuments, historic buildings and landmarks spread throughout the island. A classic monument tour is an entry into the history of Aruba. Discover the island's most iconic buildings by taking advantage of these monuments routes, which can be enjoyed as part of the city center with a self-guided tour or a full day tour where you can immerse yourself in Aruba’s heritage and history at your own pace. Each self-guided tour has a corresponding map that shows you exactly where the point of interest is located, let them be your guide.

Route 1: Oranjestad Area self-guided Walking Tour – 2 Hour Tour

Start your day early off with our Oranjestad Area self-guided Walking Tour, we invite you to learn more about Aruba while getting lost in our beautiful city center.

The Oranjestad Tour has so much to offer from our rich history, beautiful architecture, local cuisine, and… if you get tired and want to fulfill your temptation to shop you can also step on to the tram, which will pass through the main street, you won’t even have to walk to get there!

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Route 2: Noord Area (Includes Oranjestad Tour) – 4 Hour Tour

Have you walked through beautiful Oranjestad, and wished to see and learn more? Not to worry, we have not one but two more routes to offer you. Let us walk you through the second tour which can be combined with Route 1 (Oranjestad Area) and Route 3 (San Nicolas Area). After you have completed the Oranjestad Area walking tour, it’s time to step into your car and drive off to see other monumental beauties such as the California Lighthouse with its spectacular views, our divine Alto Vista Chapel. Brace yourself there is so much you can still discover!

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Route 3: San Nicolas Area (Includes Oranjestad and Noord Route) – 6 Hour Tour

Still not convinced about Aruba’s history through these wonderful monuments? Take this last route and learn about where it all started… San Nicolas, called the Sunrise City, has a lot of history to show you, but don’t let us tell you. Go and see this for yourself, it won’t be your typical tour we promise!

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