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MopaMopa Art
Royal Plaza Mall
12° 31' 12.7452" N, 70° 2' 22.9128" W

Discover centuries old decorative hand crafted art in Aruba, originating in the Amazon. At the Mopa Mopa art store in Aruba’s colorful Royal Plaza Mall you will find all kinds of unique handicrafts.

The buds of the mopa mopa tree are boiled until they become a resin that is stretched, cut and inlaid in wood to create beautiful designs. These unique and colorful mopa mopa masterpieces include boxes, trays, masks, wall hangings, animal figurines, and much more. Different pieces of handcrafted art are found in the Mopa Mopa art shops in Aruba.

A specialized Mask Shop with the best collection of handcrafted masks in Aruba is located at Paseo Herencia Mall and Entertainment Center in Palm Beach. Mopa Mopa handmade art works are a unique souvenir to take home from Aruba.