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Museum of Antiquities
Tanki Leendert 158-G
12° 32' 18.6036" N, 70° 0' 48.6504" W
Phone: +297-741-5640

You won’t have to go digging for buried treasure; we’ve collected it and even put it on display for you to browse through. Louis XV Antiques & Curiosities offers an array of one-of-a-kind treasures to admire or even better, to take some back home with you. Antique connoisseurs and history fanatics will enjoy the unusual finds in Aruba.

Louis XV Antiques & Curiosities is located on the outskirts of Oranjestad and in the beautiful Rococo Plaza building in Tanki Leendert. The building itself is a must-have charm as it was built with antique building materials from the 17th century. Ok, way too big to fit in your suitcase, but you’ll be amazed by the roof and the red copper onion shaped towers that house 23 showrooms of unique and unusual items from Aruba, the Americas and Europe.

Until you step inside, you won’t even know what to expect, but do expect to be surprised. The antique museum boasts an amazing collection of hand-made items including carved furniture, statues, fine paintings, jewelry, elegant porcelain, culinary and Persian carpets. Just the display is usually enough to get even the most amateur of Antique lover excited.

Hours of operation are 9am - 5pm week days and Saturday from 10am-2pm.

On the First Sunday of the month, islanders sell their goods at a flea market outside the Rococo Plaza and the antique shop is open as well.