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Palm Beach Plaza Mall
L.G. Smith Blvd 95
12° 34' 27.228" N, 70° 2' 33.882" W

My name is Fabrizio and I am the owner of Piazza Italia and KonoPizza in Aruba.

I grew up in Italy, a country known most of all for its extraordinary cuisine! And it is exactly this that I wanted to bring to Aruba, my love for the Italian cuisine, its great flavor and a few of our Italian tradition!
In fact it is here, by Piazza Italia, that you can find part of the Italian Soul enclosed in our new 2 concepts: the Italian Style Aperitif and Konopizza.

The Italian Style Aperitif is an old Italian tradition that consists in sharing your favorite drink with friend and enjoying FREE Italian snack and pasta. This is similar to the “Happy Hour”. Here at Piazza Italia you can find all the best known drinks as well as more peculiar cocktails such as our unique Campari Spritz!

The Konopizza. is also a new concept in Aruba, in fact it is a pizza in a cone! No slice and toppings but cone and fillings put in layers, so every bite is a full and satisfying. It is a new way to propose a tasty, healthy and fun snack that can become a nice alternative to the usual meal. It is the only way to eat pizza on the go.

We hope you will enjoy our UNIQUE Pizza in a Kone and we look forward to serving you!