For such a relatively flat, sandy island, the presence of the unusual hills and huge monolithic boulders that dot the countryside are truly an enigma. These remarkable geological formations add aesthetics to the landscape as well as provide excellent vantage points from which to better view the island.

Casibari Boulders Clusters of huge tonalite boulders sit together in an area just north of Hooiberg. This rock formation, unique to the more typical features of the area, inexplicably rises up from the desert soil to create an unusual setting. Some of the boulders weigh several tons and feature peculiar forms. The Government of Aruba has created walking trails and steps through the boulders, allowing hikers to reach the top to obtain breathtaking views of the island. There is also free Wi-Fi available at the Casibari Rock Formations. 

Ayo Rock Formations Towering stone boulders, placed in such close proximity and in unusual designs, combined with the tranquil environment of Ayo, create a sense of awe and an understanding of why the area was once considered a sacred site by the island's original inhabitants.

Rock drawings, dating back thousands of years, are found at this site, where huge stones appear to have been scattered like marbles by an errant giant. Modern pathways have been constructed in order to help visitors better explore this ancient site.

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