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Santa Rosa
Piedra Plat 114-A
12° 31' 9.39" N, 69° 59' 15.8964" W
Phone: +297-585-8102

Santa Rosa boasts eight acres of agricultural land, and frequently organizes local farmers markets. The Farmers Market in Aruba takes place on the first Sunday of every month in the Piedra Plat area. Both locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of fresh and organic local produce. Besides all types of local fruits and veggies, herbs and meat you can also enjoy delicious Aruban fare, such as keri keri (spiced shredded fish), cabrito stoba (goat stew), fresh fruit juices and pika (hot sauce). A visit to the Santa Rosa Farm in Aruba is an unforgettable local experience.

To reach Santa Rosa take the main road to Santa Cruz, passing Bright Bakery on the right hand side. After passing local rum shop ‘Baby Store’ on the left, take the first right at the Santa Rosa sign and follow the road.