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L.G. Smith Blvd. #142
12° 31' 41.9484" N, 70° 2' 56.67" W
Phone: +297-522-4400

SeaTrek® Underwater Helmet Walk You do not want to miss this delightful underwater experience. Available nowhere else in Aruba, participants don specially designed diving helmets and walk in near-zero gravity along a custom 375-foot walkway, 20 feet below the surface. Even those who don’t swim or snorkel can feed a bevy of colorful tropical fish, view a sunken Cessna 414 airplane and pose for a photograph while sitting at the underwater SeaTrek® Café. SeaTrek® is only available at De Palm Island for an additional fee. Book this excursion at your hotel concierge desk as an upgrade to De Palm Island. Children must be eight years or older to participate.