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the old cunucu house
Palm Beach 150
12° 34' 7.284" N, 70° 2' 23.55" W
Phone: +297-586-1666

Honoring Aruban traditions centuries-old, the Old Cunucu House Restaurant is a perfect way to enjoy homemade local cuisine and warm island hospitality in an authentic atmosphere.  This charming cunucu (Papiamento: country) home built 150 years ago reflects the architecture of the time, with pitched roof, thick walls and other interesting features.  Enjoy lunch or dinner on the outside veranda or inside the historic house, for an outstanding local choice among Aruba restaurants.

The criollo menu of Aruban specialties includes hearty servings of keshi yena (stuffed Gouda cheese with savory filling), stewed chicken and goat and fresh local fish, accompanied by pan bati, funchi and rice with beans.  There is also an international menu that features pasta, steak, lamb and veal.  For dessert, the quesillo (caramel custard) and fresh baked cakes are popular selections.  The Old Cunucu House provides a unique and rewarding Aruban experience, including a fine international wine list and Kid’s menu.

Open 11:30 am – 11 pm daily