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    Taxis in Aruba do not have meters; rates are fixed and should be checked in advance. All rates must be in Aruban florins (Afl.) as well as in US dollars (US$); Exchange rate Afls 1.80 to US$1.00. Minimum fare is Afl. 10,00 / US$6.00. Prices are based on distance with a maximum capacity of five passengers per taxi. A minor under the age of two (2) years is not considered as a passenger. Sundays, official holidays and on regular days starting from 11:00 pm till 7:00 am there will be a surcharge of Afl. 5,40 /US$3.00 to the regular fares.

    Each passenger from and to the Aruba Airport is allowed one piece of luggage and a back pack/handbag. For each extra piece of luggage there will be an additional charge of Afl. 3,60 / US$2.00 per piece. Attaché cases, laptop cases, carry on's and any type of equipment / aid that is necessary for the passenger's mobilization can not be charged for. Use of car trunk, not going to or coming from the Aruba Airport will be an additional charge of Afl. 3,60 / US$ 2.00, except when luggage is transported between hotels. In this case the charge of Afl. 3,60 / US$2.00 per piece of luggage is valid.

    Waiting time is Afl. 5,40 / US$3.00 per 5 minutes. In case of damage due to wet clothing, sharp objects or otherwise to the cars interior, there will be an additional damage charge of Afl. 90,00 / US$50.00 per incident. Taxis can be hired at an hourly rate of Afl. 81,00 / US$45.00 per hour. The driver - within reason - is not responsible for lost items in his/her car. Found objects will be reported and turned over to the Department of Public Transportation or the nearest police station.

    A more extravagant and luxurious way to be transported on our Caribbean island is by limousine. You can choose from the more classic Chrysler 300 to a the more urban stretched Hummer limo. Make your Aruba vacation the most memorable one and take advantage of the most luxurious transportation option Aruba has to offer.

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