Have a unique Aruba vacation experience by joining an underwater tour in Aruba. The slow descent to the ocean floor reveals a changing kaleidoscope of colours and movement as tropical fish weave through underwater environment. A huge school of anchovies swiftly changes direction in a slick, silvery line as a large barracuda makes its entrance, while yellow grunts and sturgeon fish swim unconcerned nearby. Closer near the seabed, thousands of tiny coral colonies wind and twist over every surface creating a textured array of impressively large examples of boulder coral, brain coral and pillar coral.

The seeming tranquility of the environment is heightened by the waving sea fans and purple soft coral slowly undulating with the tide. Sudden movement catches the eye as a hawksbill turtle emerges from the sea grass and glides sedately out of view.

The wonders of Aruba's underwater environment are accessible even to non-swimmers with options of submarine, semi-submarine and sea trek adventures. The remains of shipwrecks, spectacular coral reefs and an abundance of colourful sea life in Aruba comes into even sharper view through a fully narrated tour.