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L.G. Smith Blvd 101 (between Marriott & Ritz Carlton)
12° 34' 53.3784" N, 70° 2' 40.0704" W

For everyone who wants to experience the real beach & surf vibes, Vela Sports Aruba is the hang out place to be! Having over 30 years of experience in teaching windsurfing and kitesurfing, Vela Sports Aruba was also the first place where paddleboard yoga was introduced. Ever since, Vela has been the hang out for all beach & watersport enthusiasts. No matter if you like to take it easy or you are looking for the real thrill, everyone who visits Vela gets to be part of our beach life of the professional, friendly & passionate staff. Vela offers windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons for beginners & advanced riders, kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboarding, pedalboating, beach cruiser bikes and zayaks. Buy the Day Pass (79.95$) if you want to have a full day of easy accessible activities. For the chill turtles among us, there are hammocks, fresh & clean infused water, beach chairs, floats and a lounge area to watch the action going on. 

The special Beach & Paddleboard Program gives the schedule of lessons in Paddleboard Yoga, Paddleboard Bodyfit, Paddleboard Pilates and Beach Bootcamps. Private lessons are always available upon request and we work with experienced and well known instructors. 

Feel free to call or pass by on any day of the week between the hours of 9 am and 5.30 pm. The staff is there to welcome you and pass over the beachy surf vibes. All lessons can be booked at the front desk throughout the day.  

+ 297 586 3735

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