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Waka Waka Adventure Cafe & Cantina
Schotlandstraat 61
12° 32' 13.4664" N, 70° 3' 5.4756" W
Phone: +297-582-5600

Waka Waka is a small, family-owned restaurant that delivers a boundless dining experience. Husband and wife team, Marvin and Sharla Kelly, offer customers a warm welcome, carried on the aromas of tempting dishes. Hearty portions of home-style, local Aruban dishes, as well as familiar international favorites, are each served up with attention to culinary detail.

The traditional recipes of Sharla’s mom, “Machi” (Grandma) Betty, contribute that special something to all of Waka Waka’s featured dishes. In being gracious enough to share the secrets behind her cultural classics, she continues her legacy of exceptional meals. Dinners are prepared as she has done for many years, for her family and friends, but with a modern interpretation that loses none of her creative spirit.

The safari-chic ambiance of the restaurant provides an additional element of interest to an equally intriguing selection of entrées, including Cheetah Chips, Crocodile (Conch) Fritters, and the South African Lobster Tail. Captivating cocktails, such as the Eye of the tiger, Blue Elephant or Monkey Rum Martini, will certainly stimulate the taste buds as well as complement the meal. Waka Waka’s theme is distinctive and meant to further excite the senses. A choice of indoor or outdoor seating allows guests the freedom to either enjoy a contemporary, wildlife-inspired setting, or dine under the stars with the cool caress of the island breeze. Considered a hidden gem among island guests in the know, Waka Waka offers a quiet corner in which to enjoy a fantastic meal, with the convenience of only a five-minute drive from all major hotels. Come for the tantalizing meal as well as the cozy, tranquil ambiance with just the right touch of “wild”.

Opening hours: From Tuesdays to Sundays 5:00PM-10:00PM. Mondays Closed.