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Correct Quiz Answers

1. In what year was Aruba discovered?
2. What is the name of our first inhabitants?
Arawak Indians
3. What is the name of our first Airport?
Dakota Airport
4. What is the name of the first luxury resort of Aruba which opened its doors in 1959?
The Aruba Caribbean Hotel
5. What is the highest point in Aruba?
6. What is our national animal?
Burrowing Owl (shoco)
7. What is our national flower?
Wanglo flower
8. Of the ABC islands, which one is the smallest?
9. What is the size of Aruba?
69 square miles
10. What is our national agricultural export product?
11. Which is Aruba's most famous beach?
Eagle Beach
12. What is the name of Aruba's Natural Pool?
13. Which song in the 80s made Aruba popular?
14. What are our national languages?
Papiamento & Dutch
15. What is "funchi"?
A side dish resembling polenta
16. What animal is portrayed on the 100 florin bill?
The green frog
17. What is our National Beer's name?
18. What is in a Balashi Cocktail?
19. What's a "dushi"?
A sweetheart
20. Who is not a famous Aruban Athlete?
Andruw Jones
21. What is our current slogan?
Aruba: One Happy Island
22. What is our biggest party of the year?