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Casa Alistaire
Savaneta 258B
12° 26' 46.7844" N, 69° 56' 46.8996" W

Imagine waking up to the sound and smell of the Caribbean Sea, opening your bedroom doors and walking up onto the deck outside. A pelican dives into the water to catch some fresh fish right in front of you, a local fisherman sails by in his little fishing boat while you and your loved ones sip your morning coffee outside, in complete tranquility and peace. No sounds of cars, no other guests with hyperactive little children, no annoying Zumba teacher screaming to move early in the morning; just you and your family overlooking the water, enjoying your breakfast and experiencing what it is to wake up in paradise. That is what Casa Allistaire is all about.

Spacious enough to host 8 people for e.g. a private wedding or family vacation, this beautiful villa is also perfect for young honeymooners that want to have the ultimate romantic experience. Just picture you and your sweetheart in your own private natural ocean Jacuzzi.  Sleep outside on the deck looking up at the stars or take a nap in a hammock hanging over the water. If you get hot, just jump in and cool off. Put on a snorkeling gear and be amazed by Aruba’s marine life, right under your terrace.  Sounds good right? This bohemian- chic jewel of a villa, with its rustic ambiance decorated with the owner’s artwork, will amaze and inspire you and make you realize that happiness is not a destination; it is a way of life.