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The Beach
Another huge topic among those who discuss the Tamarijn on the internet is “the rocks”. There are a substantial number of rocks the length of the resort. Yes, it was a slight inconvenience, but again there are many positives of the Tamarijn which outweigh this aspect. In comparison to the high rises, the Tamarijn’s beach may not have as sandy of a bottom, but unless youown a lanai at the Playa Linda or an oceanfront unit timeshare at the Riu, there are no resorts where youare able to walk from yourroom directly out onto the beach. If all youknow are high rise beaches, all youknow is a beach full of people. We had been reading and hearing how wonderful the beaches were at the low rise resorts for many years. Ittook a stay there and seeing it with our own eyes to be convinced that yes there are beaches in Aruba which are not crowded.

Which rooms have rocks in front of them? Itseems that there is no single answer to this question since Mother Nature is always in flux. The one steady factor seems to be that there is always a beautiful stretch of white sand beach between the Tamarijn and Divi resorts.

The resort runs from the north at building 1100 ending to the south at building 2500 closest to Oranjestad. (http://www.arubabound.com/accommo/tamarijn_map.jpg) The end closest to 2500 is extremely quiet. The northern end at 1100 is not as quiet in that it is next to the fitness center, sports center (spot to pick up non-motorized watersports equipment) and a long stretch of beach beyond where many of the resorts guests choose palapas as well as owners of the Divi timeshares across the street.

During our stay, the north end of 1100 had the least amount of rocks, our recent stay was in the 1300 building, and walked to 1100 in order to easily enterthe water. There were some coral shards (worn down, not sharp) even there but no rocks to climb over and Ihad advised my parents to bring water shoes. They were glad they did.

Essentially rocks extended from 1200 all the way down the beach parallel with the swimming pool to 1400 which had a very nice stretch of beach. All the public areas, two of three bars, restaurants, and lobby and publics areas are located between 1300 and 1400. Unfortunately,1500 – 1800 was entirely rocky. The Bunker Bar is located between 1800 and 1900. 1900 to 2500 the further south youheaded, the wider and better the beach was.

A terrific idea had read on the internet was to bring along clothespins or hair clip to secure our beach towels to the chaise lounges. With the type of chaises that the Tamarijn uses, there is no way to wrap the edges of the towels up and around and through the corners of the chair to prevent the towel from blowing off the chair. This tip worked like a charm!

We were very fortunate that outside of our four first floor rooms, there were a total of two palapas. As I said, my husband is an early riser. One morning he awoke at 7 a.m. and there was a woman already sitting under the palapa right outside our room. LOL, there was a palapa right outside her room, but her next door neighbors had risen even earlier and claimed that palapa. Domino effect and did not matter to us because we were touring the island that day. It worked out in days to come; she shared the palapa outside her room with her neighbors in the room next door. When we came back to the resort at 2 p.m.she evidently had already had enough of the beach for the day anyway and the palapa was empty. That too was a day during which the resort was booked solid. I think many folks down at our end of the resort headed north to use the palapas on the beach between the Divi and the Tamarijn. There were always a ton of people walking back and forth in that direction. If youdid not mind the walk the beach there was nicer.

There are some buildings which have only two palapas. Down towards the south end of the resort from 1900 – 2500, there were a number of palapas being used by owners staying at the Divi Dutch Village. I understand they are fully entitled to do so, and youwill also find owners from the Divi Village and Divi Links timeshares using the beach and palapas between the Divi and Tamarijn Resorts. The resort’s policy is that youcannot "hold" a palapa; youmust be there with yourtowels and possessions.

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The beach is always in "flux" at the Tamarijn. Here are updated photos of the beach.

Beach Conditions Buildings 1100 - 1800 June 2008 (http://www.arubabound.com/photos/htl/tamarijn/tamarijn_beach_1100_1800_June2008.htm)
Beach Conditions Buildings 1900 - 2500 June 2008 (http://www.arubabound.com/photos/htl/tamarijn/tamarijn_beach_1900_2500_June2008.htm)

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Great pictures! Thanks for the update!

Dave and Jodie