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cynthia dee
01-24-2008, 10:06 PM
When renting a car in Aruba, is it necessary to add your own insurance? Aren't these vehicles already insured? What kind of insurance would a person need? Thanks:):p

Andrea J.
01-25-2008, 07:19 AM
here in the usa "sometimes" our auto policies cover the auto rental .........a usa rental that is.
usually our major credit cards act as a supplement (for usa rentals)

all bets are off re: international rentals
check with your credit card company
if buying trip insurance, try to get a plan that has a car rental policy included
(check out insuremytrip.com)

we always rent with tropic while in aruba
tropic requires NO additional coverage
they provide the coverage
our credit card acts as a supplement (Master Platinum)
and we always have trip coverage thru Access America insuremytrip.com

good luck
great question

When renting a car in Aruba, is it necessary to add your own insurance? Aren't these vehicles already insured? What kind of insurance would a person need? Thanks:):p

cynthia dee
01-25-2008, 11:56 PM
Thanks alot for your help...insuremytrip.com worked for me!!

lou and nay
02-23-2008, 04:35 PM
I spoke with my insurance agent before renting my car. He said that I am not covered by my US insurance. I am renting from Budget (a Jeep) and I got the $12 a day insurance. It may be overkill, but I won't panic if I have an Aruban fender bender.

02-23-2008, 05:39 PM
I have been renting cars in Aruba for over 20 years and I never take the extra insurance. The extra insurance can almost double the cost of the rental. About 5 years ago, my rental car was stolen in Aruba and I did not have the extra coverage. My credit card was charged $6000 for the cost of the stolen car. However, the credit card insurance covered the entire cost and paid me back the 6K. Most car insurance in the US does not cover you if you are out of the country. Just make sure that you use a credit card that will cover the cost of an accident or theft.

02-23-2008, 11:17 PM
Our brand new rental car was hit at our timeshare parking lot just last week and the deductible with the insurance taken at the rental agency is the same $500. as our policy as home. Make sure if anything happens to your rental car you get a police report because even your credit card company will require that.

02-24-2008, 08:54 AM
I purchased a policy thru my AMEX for a one-time fee of $25, that covers everything imaginable, no deductibe, for anytime I ever rent a car and charge it to AMEX. If I rent one thru hotwire.com (which is the cheapest way) I just call the card and tell them, and its covered. The thing I like best is that it becomes my PRIMARY carrier, and then, depending on the size of the claim, I won't have to dip into my regular car insurance (which only covers me in USA or US territories) With 2 boys, I worry about my insurance rates when there is an accident, and for $25, I don't have to use my own insurance.

Eagle Beach Boy
02-24-2008, 09:34 AM


Car Rental Insurance

The length of time You rent the same vehicle or vehicles must not exceed 48 consecutive days, which follow one immediately after the other. In order to break the consecutive day cycle, a full calendar day must exist between rental periods. If the rental period exceeds 48 consecutive days, coverage will not be provided from the first day onwards, i.e. coverage will not be provided for either the first 48 consecutive days or any subsequent days. Coverage may not be extended for more than 48 days by renewing or taking out a new rental agreement with the same or another Rental Agency for the same vehicle or another vehicle.
• Coverage is limited to loss/damage to, or theft of a rental vehicle only up to the rental vehicle’s actual cash value plus valid Loss of Use charges.


If covered, taking insurance when renting is un-necessary.
Put everything and anything concerning with the rental on your credit card.
Before you leave the rental location, check the vehicle over 100%. Have ANY damage or noticeable scratches noted and drawn on your contract.
Don’t forget to check the hub-caps/mag wheels for dents or gouges.
Cost friends 2 yrs ago $145.00 for a bad gouge on a mag wheel that they never caused.

Replace gas to level when you rented.

IF, (hope never) you are involved in an accident, your fault or not call, for the police and have them make an accident report. Make sure it is policed stamped!

Immediately or ASAP call the rental agency and get a written estimate along with all the necessary parts needed. To be re-imbursed you will need:

Police Report--Stamped and/or notorized.
Estimate for Repair (usually provided by the rental agency)
Parts Needed To Repair the Vehicle List
Total Amount of The Repair
The actual receipt of the rental at the start. This of course would be before the accident.
The full amount of the repair with parts etc. put on your credit card for full payment.

Any and all medical bills.
Call your card maker BEFORE you leave the island and get all necessary requirements in writing with receipts necessary that they recommend.

This usually does not apply but if you rent more than 31 days, card insurance does not apply in many cases??? My VISA is Platinum and after 31 days it is negated. Why? It’s just contractual??
If you had a accident on the 2nd dau and rented for 32 days total, you may well not be covered...It usually is in the rental contract somewhere!

PS: Be extra extra careful the last few days before you depart the island. Time needed to acquire all necessary receipts is at least 3 days!

02-24-2008, 01:32 PM
I use the American Express Gold card and car insurance is automatic - it is not necessary to purchase additional car insurance.

Check with your credit card company before buy you car insurance as you might already be covered by them.

02-24-2008, 01:40 PM
From a previous post:

We live in Michigan and have been advised that our personal lines auto insurance does not cover us when out of the USA! If you have a MC/Visa Gold Card or better you have up to $25,000. in coverage for any loss. I once ripped out a oilpan of a van sightseeing and the repair was just over $300.00, my MC was used and did cover it but had to pay the bill and submit to MC when home which they promptly reimbursed to me as I had receipts and proof of paying the bill.:doh:

FYI, if you have a American Express credit card they have a extra called "Rental Car Premium Insurance" and if you rent a car pretty much any where in the world and use the Amex Card it automatically charges your card a one time fee of $20.00 for the rental period which is alot cheaper than the daily rate by the rental cars on the island!


Thanks for your heads up on this info. I checked the info for our AMEX accounts and it seems like a good bargain. Premium Car Rental Protection (https://www152.americanexpress.com/fsea/travel/car_rental/product.do)

Also checked the fine print to insure Aruba was covered: "Coverage is worldwide except vehicles rented in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, and New Zealand. Enrollment is available to Consumer and Small Business Cardmembers residing in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Corporate Cardmembers are not eligible."

More info:
Car Rental Insurance (http://www.aruba.com/forum/f7/car-rental-insurance-28328/)
Car rental insurance (http://www.aruba.com/forum/f7/car-rental-insurance-28364/)

lou and nay
02-24-2008, 03:14 PM
Just added Premium Car rental service to my Amex. It's 24.95 and worth it. My weekly insurance cost through budget was $84 USD. Net savings of 59 dollars a week!

Amex does include Basic Car Rental coverage for free, but it excludes a lot of vehicles, including SUVs, vans, and pickups.