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Andrea J.
02-18-2008, 05:32 PM
i was reading the ship's/captain's log today and came across this as "his commentary"


shame on those 2 cadets for being stupid.
capt. bushy's remarks re: the aruba police?


One situation last night has nearly compromised our "good behavior" incentive strategy. After the first port, we told the cadets that their good behavior lead to no involvement with local police or port authority guards. Since they started off so well, we instructed them that if they repeated the good behavior in Golfito, then they would earn a night off inspections, and if they managed to compete the whole cruise as such, then they would be awarded an Admiral's Inspection off in the spring semester.
So, here is the problem. At 2200 last night two freshman failed to return from liberty. Because of the early hour, not too much concern was raised. By midnight, when all the seniors had returned, the two missing freshman were a real concern. Efforts to search for them onboard were repeated and their friends were awakened and interviewed. "When did you see them last?' "Were they drinking, alone or with local folks." Our fear was that they were injured and had been unable to notify the ship or that they had been arrested and were unwilling to tell the police they were cadets.
At 0100 the Comcad Duty Officer sent the Cadet Officer of the Watch out to the main port gate to notify them that two cadets were still missing and to see if they could call the police to determine if they had been arrested or an accident had been reported. At 0200 no word from the cadets or the police had been received. Very casually, at 0220, the two cadets were dropped off at the main gate. They had been drinking but were very cognizant of the situation. They had elected to remain ashore with their friends from back home to have a little more fun.
The situation troubles me - the police were called, but they had nothing to report to us. They never came to the ship to gather physical information for missing person reports. There was no police reaction at all.
It seems obvious that the police barely took notice of two college age kids slightly overdue. In a port that handles thousands of tourists a year, both from ships and air - a few college kids a little late can't be too much of a concern. But to me, the port itself is a real factor in the judicial process. Oranjestad, and the infamous Carlos and Charlie's Bar dominated US television news for months a few years ago (and as recently as last week) about a missing young American girl. And believe me, the cadets were told that story. These two fourth class cadets put their own desires ahead of the well-being of their 486 shipmates and stressed-out many an officer. Their cavalier attitude and irresponsibility is precisely the behavior we seek so hard to remove from our students.
Yes, we'll have to consider this more deeply over the next few days, particularly as we dole out the punishment to the two cadets. But, we can't ignore the positive behaviors of so many. I believe we can admit the obvious, and be willing to award the vast majority, the reward they so well deserve.

02-18-2008, 06:03 PM
Just thank God they are ok,they will be punished for being late.

02-18-2008, 07:11 PM
Not a happy captain. Hopefully Kevin enjoyed his time, dinner, friends, and our lovely island. What a shame for the 2 bad ones.

Andrea J.
02-18-2008, 07:42 PM
nope not a happy captain at all.
can't say that i blame him

kevin said he had a wonderful time in aruba
especially the hiking with "eddy croes" "sensitive hikers of aruba"......he said they climbed hooiberg............not using the stairs, using the rocks and hands and knees.

i wonder what the punishment will be for the 2 cadets?

last year's problem : 2 cadets (freshman) went on a drinking binge on one of the caribbean islands (i forget which). after a day of drinking, they broke in to a locked home in a gated community, and stole a valuable teddy bear.
blah blah blah, they got caught, arrested, sent home at their expense, and expelled.

were we that stupid/reckless/cavalier when we were young?
i don't remember doing things quite that bad.


Not a happy captain. Hopefully Kevin enjoyed his time, dinner, friends, and our lovely island. What a shame for the 2 bad ones.
DANNYOJust thank God they are ok,they will be punished for being late.

Andrea J.
02-19-2008, 03:40 PM
Captain's Blog 19 February
The last leg of the training cruise is probably the busiest time of the whole cruise for many. I know it is for me. We have so many tasks to complete: customs declarations for all hands; stowaway and contraband searches; notification of port officials and pilots; final inspections; field day; examinations; off-load assignments and vacation watch bills. This is all on top of the normal routine which has four more days to complete...This tends to help make the time travel as fast as the ship is moving. Hopefully, not faster!
We awoke this morning to a clear view of the Isla de Mona lighthouse - 28 miles away - off the coast of Puerto Rico. The sky has been clear and dry for the past day, even last night the deck watch and cadet navigators got a very good view of the famous green flash. (Not to be confused with the fictional image in Pirates of the Caribbean). Our speed is a steady 17.0 knots and the east coast weather looks pretty good. We are actually pushing pretty fast toward some lingering bad weather, which may make us decide to slow a bit later today or tomorrow,but that won't affect our planned arrival.
All goes well with but a few sad cadets after last night's Class II boards. Some of the young lads will have their vacation plans modified because they made bad decisions in Aruba. But they were told well in advance, the three days in Buzzards Bay is just the "next port" in the discipline system. Their bad behavior means that, instead of the eight hour required assignment, they get no less than 16 and maybe as many as 20 hours of work assignments along with the dreaded restriction sign-ins. The sad situation is how it affects the plans of family and friends. I wish this lesson had been more tangible to them before they went ashore and behaved so inappropriately.

02-19-2008, 07:54 PM
This was a tough lesson learned. Its a shame !!