View Full Version : Our first trip

03-11-2008, 11:41 AM
Hi everyone!!

My boyfriend and I just booked our trip! (It was a birthday present from him:p) We are leaving March 24! I am so excited I can barely think about anything else. We are staying at the Westin (7 nights). I have heard mixed things about this - but it is what it is. I already took people's advise and made reservations for every night of the week! Screaming Eagle, Flying Fishbones, Passion, etc. We both love to gamble, drink and have fun at night, but also are total beach bums during the day. We do want to do a snorkel trip (maybe snuba). So here are my questions.

Which snorkel/snuba trip is the best for a couple our age (we are both 26)?
Which casinos have the most action and are the most fun?
Besides the Comix (which I read is good) - are there any other good places to see a show - or a live band?
What are some other cool night spots?
Any tips or tricks for the Westin?

Any help would be great! If you have ANY other advice... BRING IT ON!