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04-07-2008, 05:03 PM
Can anyone suggest the best roads to take to get from the Airport to the Low-Rise hotels while avoiding Downtown Oranjestad? I want to miss all that congestion please !!!!

04-07-2008, 05:21 PM
Getting through town depends upon the day and time you arrive on the island. There are several ways to get to the lo rise hotels but you really have to know where you are going as road signs aren't evident.

04-07-2008, 06:09 PM
You essentially have to swing out to the center of the island and back down. There are time when this can be quicker and times when it is definitely slower. You can study the route on any mapping program:
Here is a view using WikiMapia:

Have a great trip, Pete

04-08-2008, 06:59 AM
Thats a great site, thanks! I will try heading up the Hospital Road to get around town.

04-08-2008, 07:46 AM
Probably the best investment we made this trip: Borch Aruba Map (http://borch.com/englisch/produkte/detailed/342_10.html)

I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it was having this map handy.

To answer your specific question, here's how we avoided downtown:

1. As you leave the airport hang a left heading toward downtown
2. At the first roundabout, take a right onto 1B.
3. At the second roundabout continue straight across staying on 1B
4. Drive approximately (1) one mile and then turn right on 2A/2B.
5. At your second roundabout (about 1.5 mi.) turn left on 4A/4B

At the end of this road you will come to 1A/1B, which is the road that runs behind the low-rise hotels. You will be north of the Divi and a little south of La Cabana at this point.

From there it depends on where you're headed, but you've avoided the (potentially) slow crawl through downtown. :thumb:

04-08-2008, 07:57 AM
You can order a limo service and let them know to bring you to the hotel withou going thru down town

04-09-2008, 06:58 AM
Thats exaclty what I was looking for Chip. Thanks. Although I appreciate the clever tip from limosinearuba ;). I wasn't sure of the route numbers and there are parts of Aruba, in the busier areas, where there isn't much time for interpreting maps...just time for negotiating unfamiliar streets.