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04-08-2008, 07:44 AM
Finally, Yes, finally I can pack ....Husband just left with the girls for school and now I have MY TIME to do my own thing packing. ITs always difficult getting our act together...Jen is done packing and was ready to leave a week ago, Kate could care less about packing and relied on jen and I to do it....So, whatever we wanted her to wear was fine with her....( go figure....she's 16, and not into fashion), Rob will pack probably tomorrow nite. Today, is my DAY !!! There's something so great about packing for aruba. Its fun figuring out what I will wear to each restaurant, what coverups i will be wearing to the island, What sandals match what, do I have enough sunscreen for faces only....this is no burden by any means. I can feel the sand ...
Husband spent the weekend getting the house ready for our departure. He sprayed around the house for ants, limed the lawn, shut he propane off, fixed the leaky faucet, and had himself a great time while i worked. Thats his "right of passage" so to say for his departure. I came home from work and he was exausted but quite proud of himself for all he had accomplished. Its best that I was out of the house that day, and he had a great time thinking about the trip.
Just this morning we continued to talk about what we needed to get at Lings for a very early morning trip prior to the girls getting up sat am. We thought we would hit the store and be back b4 they even got up. We talk about what we will be doing at this time next week.
Its so much anticipating the trip to Aruba. We made arrangements with Bully to pick us at the airport(THANKS LISA FOR THAT TIP). He also is picking our niece and her family up the next day. He quickly responded to our email, and will soon be a new tradition for our arrivals !!!
We are renewing our vows( 20 yrs) Tues at the jetty with Revernd Gibson near the Phoenix. Not sure what Jetty as there are a few I think. Rob's goal is to get us in the Aruba Today newspaper. Our neighbors will renew their 10th with us while they are there also. Look for pictures, though I know most of you can't open that site( no one can). Rev Gibson is from our state, and acutally lived in a town that my brother lives in right now...Small world.
Our plans for the week include Palm Pleasure sunset cruise one week ( no kids) and the second week Snorkel with the kids, we have reservations a Chalet Suisse, El Guacho's, new Mirandi's, Laugana italian nite, first nite at Iguana Joes, renting a car, pizza by the pool, shopping for a little bling bling and designer bag knock offs( teen girls), touring the beer plant, driving in the desert with daughters new permit ( safe place), and other things but I can't remember them.
We now have a new "event" for our family trips...croquet....everyone is bringing their own mallets and balls and they will play around the lagoon or around the grassed area at the Renaissance. The mallets are packed and ready for the one handed game. ( Other hand is required to have a drink). We will also play bingo with the kids at 4 everyday. They love that, though i don't think other guests like it to much when we "take over" the game.
We are traveling with family from RI, Ma, Nh and NY. If anyone is there they will know us by our RED SOX banner hanging from the balcony of our room at the Renaissance. Our group is large, 27, and ages range from 16 months to 76. We're all somehow related ,or just good pretend reatives.
We are going to meet Andrea( moderator) and her husband, Paul, one morning at our hotel for coffee. We will post pictures.........Lisa wish you were coming. You'd fit right in with us too!
I hope everyone has enjoyed my husband, ROB O 's posting and mine. I am sure Rob will somehow figure how to send pictures back to the sitewhile we are there. Will post a few trip reports...
If I think of anything that everyone should pack while doing it, I will post a quicky...ill then....bye, cindy

04-08-2008, 12:08 PM
LOL! :D I will be there with you all in spirit!

This morning I woke up went to brush my teeth and started thinking ...is CindyO leaving day after tomorrow or day after day after tomorrow? :cool:

Very very jealous...2 weeks in paradise for you!!!!

It will be very very lonely here without you, Rob and Andrea. :(

04-08-2008, 12:49 PM
LOL -- you are a packing maniac.

Have a great time! http://www.comicguide.net/images/smilies/sun2.gif
(like you have a choice)