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04-23-2008, 02:47 PM
This year we booked the suite option through the Tamarijn, staying at the Dutch Village. Had no problem checking in and finding our room. We did wear the Tamarijn bracelets. Booking this way we still had all the conveniences offered by the Tam and Divi.
Dutch Village:
We had a 1 bedroom suite with a pull out sofa bed. Room was very clean and housekeeping came every day to provide new towels and clean the room. The room had a full size refrigerator with a freezer, coffee pot, stove, microwave, pots/pans and dishes. Our room was in building 6 which is next to the pool with the wooden bridge.
Was beautiful, with a nice strong breeze. One day we did get a few drops of rain, but other than that is was dry.
As always we enjoyed the beach. This year there were a lot more rocks than last year, but there was still plenty of pathways through the rocks to get to the water. Was sad to see how much of the beach has eroded since last April. Hopefully over time it will recover. Was very surprised to see such a strong surf. Our 8 year old had some difficulty getting in and out of the water without getting knock over.
Had no problems making reservation, even on nights that there were 12 of us.
Red Parrot: One of our favorite places. The food is always good, service is wonderful and the wait staff are always nice to the kids. They also have a kids menu.
Paparazzi: Ate there one night. The food is good, but service is not the greatest. Just a note they do not have a children’s menu. They will make the kids spaghetti and sauce or a plain cheese pizza.
Ginger: Food was very good, service was faster than last year, but felt like they wanted us to eat our food and leave. No Children’s menu, but our 8 year old enjoyed the spring rolls and mango chicken.
Buffets: Ate at both the Tam and Divi. Buffet at the Divi is better than the Tam. Food is not gourmet, but the hot food was hot and the cold food was cold. Our daughter always found something to eat, my hubby and I usually had salad. The salad fixings were always fresh.

Always found time to swim in the pool and the sea.
Rented a jeep for a couple of days. Rented from Royal Aruba, service was very good, always responded to my emails right away. We rented the jeep with manual transmission, lets say the jeep had seen better days. Thought the door was going to rattle off, but since we were taking it through Arikok Park didn’t worry about getting any nicks in the paint.

Arikok Park:
If you are going to the park remember to bring a lot of water to drink. You don’t realize how fast you can start to dehydrate especially if you hike a trail or go to the caves. We learned it the hard way last year when our daughter started to feel sick.

Decided to drive through the park starting in Santa Cruz, they are working on the roads through the park, looked like they are putting in drainage ditches on the side and have laid concrete slabs down the center of the roads. A very bumpy ride.
Went to Guadirkiri Cave aka the bat cave. Very interesting- our guide took us all the way to the end of the cave. Yes there are bats and a lot of them. I wouldn’t recommend going to the end of the cave if you have respiratory problems, because it is very hot and the air quality is not the best.
We also went to Baby Beach. What a wonderful place. We borrowed mask and snorkels from DePalm. Swam out to the breakers and were very surprised to see the beautiful fish. Our daughter just loved it. Great place to learn how to snorkel. I did check to see how much they charge for renting cabana, chairs and mask and snorkels. To rent a cabana and 2 chairs is $35/day and mask and snorkel is $20/day.

Only thing we did through the kid’s club was the tie dying.

Hoping to go back next year.

04-23-2008, 03:19 PM
Thanks for posting the review.

Any photos of the rocky area of the beach?

Was hoping it had improved, but it sounds like you are referring to the end down towards the Bunker Bar?

04-24-2008, 09:54 AM
Thanks for keeping us "wanna know" people up to speed, sorry about the rocks!!!!

Thanks again

love god
04-24-2008, 10:36 PM
Great report....you are much braver than me!!!!!!!!!!!! The bats would freak me out....I am a big chicken!!!!!!:eek: