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07-16-2008, 05:07 PM
Heard alot of timeshare companies give special discounts toward dinners, trips ect... if you sit thru their sales pitches.

07-16-2008, 09:45 PM
We did sit thru one at the Surf Club, got a nice view of the place, and got a gift certificate, though this was 2 yrs ago.

07-17-2008, 11:10 AM
We were given a LaCabana beach towel and a free buffet breakfast a few years ago and also got a great tour of the facility :)

07-17-2008, 01:00 PM
Received $100 several years ago for sitting through a one hour presentation and viewing a timeshare unit at the Marriott Surf club. Time spent on the beach is usually worth more than sitting in on a canned presentation.

07-18-2008, 11:07 PM
We went to a timeshare (Aruban Resort and Casino)presentation in May 2008. We received 2 t-shirts, gift cert for dinner $50 value, and$100 towards a trip to DePalm Island which was fun for us! We also had lunch while our sales person discussed the resort.

Andrea J.
07-19-2008, 07:28 AM
If you are interested in buying a timeshare i suggest checking out the resale market first.
If you are interested in only the prizes that are given for sitting thru the hour or 2 presentation, then good luck and be aware that you may come out of there owning something that you do not want or cannot afford.

We sat thru a Marriott Surf presentation, only because we wanted to see what all of of the "hoopla" of the Surf Club was all about AND friends of our were actually interested in buying. We tagged along.
We found the sales pitch not too offensive and the sales person Sherry, understood right at the beginning that we were not buying.

But we did love the units! We did not love the beach or the congestion there. We did not love the fact it was so "formal".............we are used to the laid back area of the lo rise.
Our friends did buy a platinum week.
Each couple got 4, $25 coupons to be used at selected restaurants/waersports/land activities.

We went also to a Divi presentation many yrs ago for Divi Village with intention to buy, but did not like the fact it was an undeeded timeshare and that it was a 30 or 40 usage contract. Suits some, not us. It was very high pressure and we walked out prior to the end of the presentation. In not so many words, the salesperson called me "cheap".


07-19-2008, 05:24 PM
time is worth more than the $$

08-02-2008, 03:52 PM
If you are planning on doing the timeshare thing in order to get a promotional gift, ask for it to be early in the am,,,,like 730-800. This way they will serve you a continenal breakfast, you can eat, listen to the come-on, then ask for your free gifts and leave. The trick is to stand your ground, say you are not interested and just want the gift. If they see any hesitation they will take it that you want to diccker (is that a word??) and try to keep you there........I can say I have been to many...when husband and I used to drive down to see my family in Hollywood, FLA every year we always stopped at Disney. We always went to the timeshare thingies coz we got free tickets to the parks....When we went to Aruba the second time I knew I wanted to buy so we went and just made the salesman work for his money....then the next year went to Marriott and listened to their game...nice, but too much money and too busy up there, plus we wanted to trade ours plus whatever the addtional cost would be but they don't do that , so we left....
So, long story short....go early for the freebies, otherwise do as Andrea suggested and buy a resale.....I have one of those too...no high pressure there at least.....

08-02-2008, 04:19 PM
quick question - do timeshares appreciate in value?

also, for marriott's - whether you buy a platinum or a gold - are assigned a specific week that's yours? i.e. can you go at any other time within the allotted timefram of your membership level?

Liz - Aruba Lover
08-02-2008, 06:11 PM
quick question - do timeshares appreciate in value? also, for marriott's - whether you buy a platinum or a gold - are assigned a specific week that's yours? i.e. can you go at any other time within the allotted timefram of your membership level?

NEVER buy a timeshare thinking they will appreciate in value. Very, very rarely do they. I purchased 4 of my timeshares at 10% of what the previous owner paid. As stated in a previous post, always buy from an owner. That's where you will get a better deal.

With Marriott in Aruba seasons are based on time of year such as Platimum (late January-middle April), etc. You are not assigned a specific week or unit at Marriott. I am not sure what the timeframe is that you can request your week ahead of time. Maybe someone of our other posters has that info.

08-02-2008, 06:55 PM
Not usre about Marriott either, but I own in the Gold season....those are weeks 11-20 and 41-50 with Divi Resorts. My specific weeks are 44 and 46 (working on 45...), so I can go anytime from week 11 through week 50 and only pay a tranfer fee if not going on my specific weeks.However if I wanted to go during Platinum which is weeks 51, 51 and 1-10 I would have to pay a $300 upgrade fee. If you own in Silver (21-40) and want to switch to either you pay a fee.....Platinum is the only one that doesn't pay an upgrade fee, or if you buy a floating week you do not have to pay a fee...the prices are higher to buy depending on which season you buy in....So if I had my week 46 in 36 it may be cheaper, but I would have to pay more to move it around...
Then...if you want to go to Hawaii for instance you must belong to either Interval International or RCI...these are companies that you can trade your weeks through to go to other places if you prefer. There is a yearly fee to belong and a fee to exchange...I haven't traded for awhile, but it used to be about $100 to trade in US and $150 to trade internationally..which the Caribbean is considered....(If you belong to Divi you can trade to any of their Caribbean resorts for just a trade fee of $90)...I have used II(interval International) a few times and have always gotten what I requested and have nevr been disappointed about the hotel upon arrival.....
Hope this answered some of your questions....