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Andrea J.
08-25-2008, 11:37 PM
WOW was his speech inspirational or what!
Turned on the convention just to see him.

Not a dry eye in the house.

Whatever our political beliefs...........he has been so good for Massachusetts and its people.
A real powerhouse advocate for the underdog, the infirmed the forgotten.

My dad had post polio syndrome. (he had polio as a young Man)
His legs, torso and arms were weakened by the original onset of the disease. At age 75 he had surgery and due to the weakness of his chest muscles and diaphram from the old polio, the doctors could not get him breathing on his own after the successful surgery. He was trached and vented. Diagnosed as post polio syndrome. He was hospitalized for 5 years til he passed on June 13 2001. If Ted Kennedy had not intervened on my dad's behalf, dad would have been put into a nursing facility in western massachusetts that was 140 miles from his home and had inadequate care, it would have been custodial, not skilled. Ted was instrumental by intervening with the health insurances, medicare and then medicaid by keeping Dad hospitalized, "acute" care hospital. Dad did not get hustled off into a poor care place just because his money ran out.

So, Ted, only got my vote once or twice but he has done great things for those that could not help themselves.

Ted looked marvelous.

God help him.


08-26-2008, 05:50 PM
I did not see any of the speeches last night, but did see a clip of Kennedy speaking. Associated Press described him as "ailing and aging", but I was surprised he looked as good as he did. I wish him continued good health and a 100% recovery.

08-26-2008, 08:54 PM
I also watched his speech last night. He looked wonderful....with everything he has just been through, that he even took the time to get up there and make a speech says something about him. What ever the press had to say...of course he looked ailing...kinda dumb for them to say that, no???
Not sure if what he had to say changes my opinion on who I will vote for, but makes you want to take a good hard look at both sides....