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Liz - Aruba Lover
10-01-2008, 02:32 PM
As some of you know, we had a house fire last November 4 days after Thanksgiving. It’s now 10 months later but our house is still not finished being rebuilt. Our Insurance Company has been paying the rent in the Condo they rented for us ($1500 month) and for the furnishings that they are renting from Marriott Executive Stay ($2,740.00 month) for a total $4,240.00 a month. Two weeks ago we received a letter from Marriott saying that our Insurance Company informed them to pick up the furnishings on October 10th. Since we are covered for $60,000 in living expenses I thought we had more time ($60K insurance divided by $4,240 would be a little over 14 months). DH called our Insurance Co. Our agent said that they figured that it would 10 months to rebuild, that’s what they go by, not how much what I’m insured for in living expenses. We got another letter yesterday giving us ‘till Oct. 30.

I don’t know where we will live if the house isn’t ready in 30 days. We stayed at our daughter’s Condo for a week after the fire but we had only had the clothes on our back as almost all our possessions where lost in the fire. My daughter got married in May plus we adopted a dog and cat (our dog and 2 cats didn’t survive the fire) so Tina doesn’t have room for us. We could go to a hotel (if we find one that takes the dog and cat) but what will I do with all the stuff we purchased in the last 10 months – clothes, computer, food in the refrig and pantry, etc. The other day we bought a dining room table and 4 chairs at a warehouse sale (Value City Furniture). That’s sitting in the living room here. I also just bought dishes from Pfaltzgraff. I have atleast 8 big bags of dishes in the living room too. I want to home so I can get myself organized.

DH said putting the insulation in and putting the walls up shouldn’t take long. How long is long? This was to have been done last week. The town inspector had to do an inspection before the insulation went in. He came last week - we failed. I decided to put the washer and dryer in my bedroom walk-In closet as it was getting too much for me going up/down 2 ½ flights of stairs to the basement (I have a split level). The heating guy (our neighbor) forgot to put the dryer vent in the closet. We also failed that the smoke detectors the electrician put in the rooms where in the wrong place (I don’t get that, neither does the electrician). Supposedly these things are to be fixed by the end of this week (I’m praying) so they can start on the insulation.. Then everything else can go in.

So far what has been done is: new roof & windows, plumbing & electricity, new bathtub in main bathroom and shower in 2nd bathroom. The kitchen cabinets should be ready in 3 weeks, the appliances are ready to be delivered and Home Depot delivered this morning the laminate flooring we are putting in some of the rooms. Saturday Home Depot delivered the front door and the contractor installed it this morning. DH is over there painting the door. Yesterday the sanding of hardwood floors in living room and bedrooms were finished (stain will go on when walls are finished). Oh, and the siding was finished last week.

I’m freaking out that everything won't be done in time. Here are some pictures I took last week.



Living Room (floor is now sanded)

Workers playing ball in my backyard. Could this the reason why my house is not finished.

Andrea J.
10-01-2008, 03:12 PM
I would be freaking out too.
I have no idea what to say except can you get an arbitrator to intervene and hear both sides?

your insurance agent should be helping you with this

i hope that 1 month is sufficient

doubtful though

been there, done it, but did not have the crap of the insurance company to deal with and did not have the grief of a loss that you and charley had.

i am sorry for your troubles.

beg, cry, get a lawyer or someone to negotiate and act on your behalf.


10-01-2008, 03:42 PM
10 months seems like a really long time to build residential house. didnt the contact state a specified completion time? if all else fails i would put everything in storage and move into an extended stay hotel.

10-01-2008, 04:42 PM
Liz...So sorry to see you aren't anywhere outa the woods yet. What the heck is taking so long ?Yes, your insurance company, the one you've paid plenty too SB on your side and get this squared away.

10-01-2008, 08:24 PM
i am sorry for your troubles.

10-02-2008, 01:58 PM
Liz, I feel awful...I do agree with Andrea about an arbitrator to settle the problem you are having with your insurance company. They have to realize you have nowhere to stay.....Here is my biggest grip with insurance companies....we pay and pay and if we don't we get dropped, but when it comes time for them to bellyup they find a loophole everytime...
Happened with me after my accident...when they saw what it was going to cost them for my hospitalization I got a huge letter asking me to fill out the information...which amounted to them wanting to know if I had any other insurance that could assist in covering my medical bills....shameful !!!
So I am with you...call a lawyer and seek advice..!!!!!!