View Full Version : Jeep Rental for people who own Jeeps in the states.

01-24-2009, 05:53 PM
It only makes sense for us to rent one since we have several that we own and love to drive in the states... but a few questions.

I have read alot of the Jeep posts on here, and there are alot of good pointers about who to rent from but things still come to mind.

Our idea and intended reason for paying to rent said Jeep is two fold, one is so that we can go to experience remote sections of the island where there are sand roads etc, the other is to enjoy the open air driving. I have no specific intentions to "drive off-road" as I have plenty of opportunites to destroy my own vehicles here at home if I wish. I intend to use the vehicle to get us a little farther away than a honda civic would get us.

Several questions come to mind.

Who has the best condition TJ Wranglers?

Are these TJ Wranglers 4.0L 6 cylinders, or are they 2.4/2.5 4 banger?

Doors Off Legal in Aruba??

Who has the Jeeps with no tops, no carpet, and ratty seats that if they get wet or dirty there wont be any problems? We have no desire to have a top at all other than possibly a bikini or sun bonnet top.

Who is the local company that is locally owned with established and reputable local employees that we should rent from?

Any beach driving avaliable anywhere??

Since we are going to be there for a week, and are planning an agenda, should we plan to have a vehicle the entire time that we are there or should we plan a few days consecutive to have a vehicle when we plan to go places outside of the hotel/resort complex?