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02-01-2009, 02:13 PM
I was at the Phoenix from 1/17 to 1/24. Building A is open and occupied but there are a lot of little problems and some major ones as well. I had to move out to the Divi Links for our second week and they did a great job of acommodating me and my guests. Doug Kuhn, Resident Manager from NC is there, and is doing a good job. But there is only so much they can do when things are behind. We're dealing with foriegn contractors, some lazy workers, and materials not yet arrived. Nevertheless, they shouldn't have opened. And if you're thinking of renting out your unit, who would want to pay big bucks to listen to construction, have styrofoam in your beach and pool water, and get dust all over them, all week long. I did it for a week and could not do it any longer.

My wife and I decided NOT TO STAY the month of February because it would be a nightmare. We were going to rent, but you can't do that when we are dealing with construction conditions, problems with the rooms, unstocked items, broken utilities and appliances, etc..... so we have requested that our 2009 maintenace fees for this year be applied to next year. We'll see how that goes.

Pool: The pool has water in it but cannot be opened because of all the construction. The kiddy pool is huge and is in the way of the bigger pool. Looks like "hot tubs" will be cold tub whirlpool extensions of the swim up bar.

Units: They are behind schedule which is no surprise, but I can say the units will be nice, when they are complete. Complete being the operative word. Washer/dryer all in one is a disaster- they DO NOT work. Some shades are not up; ceiling fans missing; electrical system problematic; appliances missing; phone system problems; and a bunch of other minor issues. But the beds are AWESOME! Flat panel TV's are superb. A major issue is going to be where they will put all the people that will be inundating the pool and beach when all 4 buildings open. WOW!

Restaurant: It is not even close to opening. But they are working on it.

New Lobby: Foundation isn't even poured.

New Parking Lots: What? Not even a gleam in the stream yet.

New Beach: Yeah, right. There is not a hell of a lot of new beach. When we bought in 2007, we were told that the beach would be all the way down to the beach police station. No way. It's only 40 to 50, maybe 75 yards NW of the jetty. That section has some serious seaweed- I hope they are planning to dredge it out and clean it up.

Chickies: They are putting a lot of new chickies up but they are now so close together that you'll need a to be a limbo dancer to get around other parties to your chickie, or to /from the beach. That's not quite a big deal- I can handle this.

BOTTOM LINE: Why are they even open? They should be extending people's contracts and waiving maintenance fees but not opening until they are ready to host owners/investors in the manner they should be hosted. Something about not getting construction styrofoam flying into my food and drink is a little too much to expect I guess. I spent over 100 thousand dollars buying weeks 3-8 and I'm SOL this year for weeks 5-8 after having paid maintenance fees. My unit is not yet complete so how can there be maintenance. It is disappointing to say the least.

HOWEVER, DIVI is a professional outfit. It looks like they know what they are doing. I base this upon the 4 other properties they own and maintain. Me, my wife, and our guests were taken care of at the DIVI Links, but there is nothing like being right on the beach. I'm not a fan of golf cart rides.

My wife and I are appreciative of the efforts put forth by resident manager Doug Kuhn, the front desk staff, Activities Director Avril Culley, towel hut manager Carmen, and beach assistant Louis - they are good people and really care about us. But the corporate people are pushing the deadlines and resort operations are having trouble because there is only so much that can be done with limited time, manpower, and supplies.

So I'll leave you with my prognosis: It'll be GREAT next year.
John L


02-02-2009, 07:08 AM
John, thanks for the report. I was at the Phoenix that week too! Although the units are beautiful, I was happy to be staying in the tower. (now is that a surprise)

I am on the verge of purchasing two additional weeks in the new villas. All in all, are you happy you did it? Did you really see them enlarging the beach area? That's my biggest concern.

Please answer me directly at macalh@aol.com

02-02-2009, 08:16 AM
Do you think much progress will be made by August? We have a unit there then..

02-02-2009, 12:09 PM
We were at the Divi Phoenix weeks 2 and 3. Most of week 3, several floors in the tower were without hot water. It took days for management to issue a notice to owners. Hot water was not available through Sat. and the energy surchange was deducted from final bill at checkout. It looks like the new facilities should be wonderful but the tower certainly needs work.

02-02-2009, 12:48 PM
We own week #9 at the new beach villas and are getting quite nervous about the construction. All RCI will tell us is that the Divi is claiming they will be opening the beach villas starting week #8 but it looks like some people are already in with not so good experiences. We will be at the Marriott surf club week #8 and I have booked the Renaissance suites as a back-up for our planned Week #9 at the Divi but it is hard getting any information out of Divi.

shady grady
02-03-2009, 07:34 AM
Hello, Shady Grady here, I was at the phoenix last week the 24th-31st. We have unit 101 in the old villa's I guess is what their calling it. They had remodeled the bathrooms and finally, finally after 3 years of begging and 8 years of just dealing with it, they replaced all the sliding doors inwhich our unit has 5. That was a blessing. As for as the bathroom they took out all the old tubs and installed new ones which I thought was a waste of my fee's because I would have rather have had a walkin shower, but there are other tentants that might like they tubs. Wasn't really a big deal but at least they got rid of the hugh whirlpool tubs that were so dangerous just to get into and take a shower. Oh and the new tub whirlpool features don't work either. But we do love our unit and other than enough styrofoam pellets to build several coolers flying around it was just great.

We really had a ball and the talk about the new units at the pool bar at the old villa's was not much at all. The rain was really heavy our week which I guess comes from Al Gore's global warming effects. Just kidding. It did rain a lot but never bothered us. We just had another tequila and enjoyed it. Did flood some streets though which it always does. The workers on the new 140 units looked busy but as constuction goes in the west indies, I think they know how to look busy without doing much. I walked in one of the unfinished units in building 2 and the whole unit (which was a studio suite) had about 3" of water on the floors. It wouldn't have came into the unit had some grading for the parking lot been done. The sheet rock and cabinets were wicking it about 8" up the walls.

The water even flooded the breezeways in the old villa's so they got a 4" trashwater pump with a 14hp engine to pump it out for about 3 hours after every heavy downpour. It was loud but if you drink enough you could just barely hear it.

The beach in front of the existing units was nice and the drop off that's always there as you walk about 2' into the ocean wasn't there anymore. Hardly any rocks on the bottom due to past storm beach repair.

All the new pools were open and lounge chairs setting everywhere but I never saw a sole in the pools except for of course me. When it's all completed it is going to be nice though. I was told that there would be a nice restraunt upstairs over the pool bar but when I ask what the name and type of menu it would have I found out that the only eatery would be open air behind the pool bar. It Would only be fast food kinda stuff, burgers and dogs, etc. The upstairs was to be built out as an office area for the tent up front to move to. An office for the sales team.

It's probably all going to be finished I think in about 4 months. Maybe sooner but don't count on it. I also took video of all the project but at 225 meg it's won't load to youtube right now. I'll keep trying and if it does upload without errors then I'll post the link.

enjoy your stay
shady grady

02-11-2009, 02:26 PM
To horse1119:

I saw them adding new chickies. I think if they move the existing towel hut to an off beach location, it would enlarge the area for people. But I gotta really doubt whether or not there will be enough room for people when the new buildings are complete and the place is full of poeple. Where are they going to put everyone? Not on the 50 yard spit of beach that's full of seaweed in front of building D. To all who are wondering, it'll be until at least July or August before they are fully operational. However, when they are, it'll be fantastic.


John L.

trade wind
03-03-2009, 07:32 PM
Going to the Phoenix next week (week #10) ? 1st time at Phoenix, 6th on Palm Beach. Staying in old tower if we don't get spirited off to another divi. Two questions:

What is the laundry situation in the old tower?

How are the elevators functioning recently? I know something about their historical performance.



03-11-2009, 11:47 AM
Laundry is on 2nd floor and is functional. Elevators working fine when I was there in January.