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03-20-2009, 12:54 PM
Good morning everybody,

In this part of the world (Winnipeg, Canada), spring officially arrived here about 4 hours ago. You'd never tell by looking outside though.

The topic of this thread is parking, specifically parking in the lot behind Texas de Brasil. That lot also serves patrons going to Smokey Joe's, Paseo de Herencia and other businesses in that area.

You enter the lot down a narrow lane between Smokey Joes and TdB, stopping at the control gate, then drive into the lot.

Getting in is easy enough but now you need a token to get out. The token dispenser is on the ground floor, mounted on the wall next to the little elevator that takes you up to Texas de Brasil. The tokens are only $1.00.

When purchasing parking tokens, do yourself a favour and buy at least two. Why? Let me explain.

Drivers park all over the place back there. If there isn't a row to park in, start your own! Also, there are no lights there, none at all, except for indirect lighting from adjacent buildings, so at night, it's pitch black. The exit is at the back of the lot. Basically the exit is just before the large parkade behind Paseo de Herencia.

The exit control get can be finicky. If you bought only one token and it doesn't work, you can find yourself in an awkward situation. You're now trying to find your way around in a chaotic, pitch black parking lot, trying to find another place to park or someone to help you. Just don't ask those two guys over there who have been watching you!!

That's why you should buy more than one token, if you decide to park in that lot.

Once you exit the lot, make an immediate sharp right turn and proceed down the lane which will take you out to the street.

Everybody knows how scarce parking is in that area. I just thought knowing this would make it easier where you're there.

Have a great weekend.