View Full Version : Growing Crime Problem

cj daniello
05-16-2009, 06:16 PM
Spent 3 months in Aruba jan- march 2009, and no question car thefts have increased big time. In complex i stayed at 3 car breakins in 2 week period. what is more troubling is break ins to apt!! in same complex in early march there was an att break in to my apt and a canadian couple had a breakin to there 2nd floor apt at night while they where sleepin!! and property stolen!! I wrote a letter to chief of police and prime minister( SOMETHING I SUGGEST U ALL DO IF U LIKE ARUBA AND PLAN ON VISITING AGAIN) because this problem will only get worst if not agressively dealt with. Aruba MUST realize tourism is major part of their economy and they must do more to deal with this problem!! my email is cdmovado@gmail.com .

Andrea J.
05-16-2009, 09:15 PM
from some of the things i have read, it appears that lots of the breaks are in private off the beaten path apartments.

most of the resorts have high security visibility and that is probably why the breaks are at more of the off the beaten path places.

all in all though, aruba is still one of the safer if not the safest, places to be in the caribbean.
no one, and i mean no one, should ever let their guard down and be haphazard in their actions. door locks! use the room safes! keep areas well lit! keep valuables out of sight in vehicles and lock vehicle doors.

such scary and frustrating indeed. i cannot imagine having someone break in while sleeping. scary stuff!