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02-28-2010, 11:16 AM
Hello everyone, the countdown is on! We took our first trip to Aruba last April during our spring break, as we are teachers. We loved it so much, we are going back at the end of March for our second trip! We stay at Playa Linda, which is right next to the Hyatt. Can't beat the beachfront access! Last year we found the food prices to be crazy, so this year we will be hitting up Ling's and doing more cooking, for lunch and dinner, at least. We are also looking forward to the nightlife. Is there a Carlos and Charlies open now? I thought I had heard that they were re-opening at the Palm Beach end of the island. We also rented ATV's last year, and got to explore some of the outback of the island on our own, and LOVED that. We cannot wait to fly out of the Northeast on March 26th.

If anyone here has any suggestions for things to do, nightlife, etc, we are adventurers, and love doing off the cuff things. Happy to be part of the forum!


02-28-2010, 11:47 AM
Welcome to the forum, you will find all kinds of great info here....as for Carlos and Charlies, I was there in November and they had not reopened yet. Do not know if they will since Senor Frogs is C & C's...same owners...we've been there a few times and enjoyed ourselves but it gets so crowded....have heard the new mall is open behind paseo harencia but not sure what is there....
good idea on the breakfasts and lunches at hotel...we eat 80% of our meals in and choose a few favorites and 1 or 2 new places each year.
Have you tried climbing Haystack ?? Its the big hill you see as you exit the airport...form the top you can see the entire island and if it is clear enough you can see venezuala....but do it in the morning because it gets mighty hot and sweaty in the afternoon which is when we did it....take water too !!!!!
Also if you rent a jeep or similar we always pack a cooler and take a drive all over the back of the island as well as stopping at local bars to have a quick one and then on to the next...we have never had a problem and always are welcomed warmly....great way to meet the locals and understand their culture.....

03-02-2010, 07:44 PM
Hey Jen,I don't know if you've taken the ATV ride yet but that is a great time and there is always the Harley rental tour.We did this last year and it too was great.As Dana said C&C is now Senior Frogs.We went there last year and it was definitely a place to visit.I could see how it gets crowded in there.Enjoy your trip.