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06-08-2011, 01:14 PM
Things happen all over the world that should be remarked on, unfortunately, the fodder for our attentions is often the darker news and information. Perhaps there is a different side to things.

Story from a Tourist family to me:

Charles, we went to the old Cunucu house of Mr. Coffi and mentioned that we had read about his unique home and his character. He was so pleasant. We did notice how humbly he lived. There was barely enough in his small refrigerator to sustain life. When we were in our conversation, he offered us something to drink and we accepted. Mr. Tromp turned on his small stove that actually looked like the one we use to go camping. He then went to a small shelf he had and pulled out can of instant coffee and sugar. After that he moved to his refrigerator to get a can of evaporated milk. He had to scrape the can to get every bit of coffee out and used sugar packets from one of the local fast foods. The milk was just enough to make the two coffees. On serving us, he watched us and looked at our faces. He was so serious. Finally my husband said that it was great coffee. His face lit up and he was overjoyed beyond words. It opened him up and he started to tell us about his childhood and the many things in his life. It was amazing and I have to admit that the coffee was pretty good as well.
On leaving his small little Cunucu house, I tripped on the stairs and hit my shin. It started bleeding and my loving husband who is useless in these situations put his sweaty shirt on the wound. Mr. Coffi said that he would help. He went inside and got water from the tap and washed my shin and then went into his bedroom and came out with long pieces of cloth which he used to make a bandage. His hands were soft and almost guided to take care of my cut. When I got up to leave, I felt funny like I would fall over and he held my hand and took us into his sparse bedroom to lie down for a while. My husband sat next to me and when Mr. Coffi left, he started crying. He got up and walked over to the opened closet and pointed to a white shirt that was hanging there. The sleeves had been cut to make my bandage.
Mr Coffi came back and asked how I was and after a frew minutes we decided I was OK to leave. ON the way out, my husband asked Mr. Coffi what we owed him for the bandage. He said “nothing – it is from the tail of an old kite I used to have”.
We drove to a store and bought some shirts and a box of bandages and wrapped them up and we stuck some money in the package as well. When we went back, Mr. Coffi was sitting in his front cleaning up the mess I had made and we gave him the package. He looked in all directions and finally came around and hugged my husband and said “Danki”. We left.
My husband was so still in the car and finally he said to me “Honey – he is so thin. So thin. When he hugged me he was so thin.”
Charles, we thought you should know.

06-08-2011, 01:50 PM
this story is deeply touching..im tearing up in front of my computer at work reading this.

06-09-2011, 11:41 AM
Charles, as you well know, I am one of your biggest...not in weight...but biggest fans and thoroughly enjoy your stories.

Thank you so much for another one.


06-09-2011, 11:52 AM
Thank you Ed
This one was a very long quote.

Did you read "In the Beginning"? It is a preface portion of something to be published.

be well

Charles, as you well know, I am one of your biggest...not in weight...but biggest fans and thoroughly enjoy your stories.

Thank you so much for another one.