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08-28-2011, 02:32 PM
Making a vacation destination choice can be influenced by things we are only marginally aware of at best, such as:

The world economy being what it is and airlines not seeming to be of this world.
All the major transporters pointing the finger East and complain about insane fuel prices.
Sheiks claiming that the black juices from rotting trees from long ago is running out.

By the way, that stuff has been running out since I was 12 and prices for car gas jumped up while the lines to buy the gas became a driving safety problem for the cars driving by that had recently tanked.
Needless to say, the blur of offerings for booking to Aruba with JINGO, PLINKO or WHOEVER-INGO will muddy a glass of melting ice-cubes when it comes to making a clear decision, however if you have the time and mathematical prowess to work it out, it all works out real close. The playing field is fairly leveled since everyone went to paper and plastic plates for the mini-snacks.
For the timeshare travelers, they figured out a long time ago that the salesman was full of it but it has little to do with cost but so much more to do with way of vacationing, ERGO the vacation experience. The rest is (as “Uncle Hendrix would have called it) a purple haze.
One has speedy check in so you can spend more time at the beach the very first day – HMM. Arrive at 3 pm after 10,000 hours of travel (slight exaggeration) and the room isn’t ready so….. “Go to the beach, after all it’s a benefit, right?
The other is “ON THE BEACH- almost”. Check in lady responds as if she has had to do this millions of times, Well, we are a small island and everywhere is basically on the beach – pause – smile – change the topic.
Then there is the Hybrid known as the timeshare-all-inclusive. In this case, you go to the timeshare that you bought and pay a daily amount (on top of the maintenance) to use the pool and eat for free (Hello!@#@!*)
Here and there you will find regular hotel that has regular discounts, and in high season charges regular high rack rates.
Yet all of this pales in the shadows of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Hell I booked a Sinatra week-end in Vegas and when I got there found out that it was the worlds finals for Sinatra impersonators. It is rumored that Frank was in the audience but I doubt it.

Yet …………………….
All who come here are happy and 48% of them return. And that folks says something about us and our people. Simply put, Aruba is a butt kicking place to vacation.
(Even if the blonde female TV person disagrees)

be well